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Webtalkradio presents The Best of How to Live A Fantastic Life

Jul 29, 2021

Melissa Oatman joins Dr. Lycka in the studio to talk about helping people get unstuck. So many of us are living and re-living trauma. From bad relationships, financial woes and even lack of self-confidence. They drill down on Mellisa’s four-part plan to help people see more clearly and plan a brighter future.



Jul 22, 2021

This week Dr. Lycka sits down with Jason Zuk.  Multi-talented, Jason is a Florida attorney, a psychic, and a podcast host. You’ll hear about Jason’s journey to becoming a psychic, his family's penchant for premonitions and more.  A conversation about awareness and finding your niche.  


Guest Bio:  

As an attorney,...

Jul 15, 2021

Join Dr. Lycka for this fascinating interview with Kelly Falardeau, a former patient, now an author, speaker and mentor.  Kelly discusses the essential ingredient of building your profile; writing a book.   Your book will not only act as a calling card but an impressive CV and just might be your pass to a new career in...

Jul 8, 2021

Join Jennifer Foxworthy as she shares her experiences as a former US Navy Crewman and now a success facilitator.  Dr. Lycka and Jennifer discuss her unique formula for helping people to overcome their stumbling blocks, and push them out of the way to achieve their goal.  It’s a riveting conversation focused on real...

Jul 1, 2021

Do you have stumbling blocks on your path to living abundantly?  Join Wally Carmichael and Dr. Allen Lycka and they take a deep dive into what it means to accept that you deserve peace and abundance.  


Guest Bio:  

Wally Carmichael is a retired Army Medic, Founder and Host of the Men of Abundance Podcast, Business...